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Net Neutrality Has Been Repealed. What's Next?


I am disappointed that the FCC decided to essentially destroy the Internet, and the freedom that it embodies. I have been on the internet since 1995 (12 years old), and the concept of being able to freely access data, and communicate with people from all over the world has always blown my mind. Today, I am disappointed that the 12-year-olds of today no longer have access to a free and open internet like I did.

As of today, if you do not want your ISP limiting what sites you can visit, or what shows you can stream, now that net neutrality has been repealed, there is a solution. Virtual private network (VPN) technology is a way around these restrictions. A VPN essentially encrypts your data as it travels over the internet, and thanks to this encryption, as your web traffic passes through your ISP’s servers, your ISP is unable to determine what content you are viewing, thus, allowing you to access the free and open internet that we enjoyed by until yesterday.

Without a VPN, if your ISP wants to limit how fast your Netflix Steaming should be, they can now do so. With a VPN properly installed, your ISP has their hands tied, as they are unable to read your encrypted web traffic. If you’re interested in setting up a VPN, they are only about $50 a year and I can help you get set up. I can do this remotely or at your place

Listed below is a link for VPN I have been using for 2 + year with great success (and yes, I am an affiliate with them). However, having tried out several VPN services, this company is not only one of the most affordable services, but their iPhone, PC, and MAC platforms are simple, and easy to use. You simply install it, and forget about it. I will include some screen shots of the platform with this post.

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A VPN can also be installed onto your WiFi router, which will provide VPN coverage to all of the devices to your network. However, setting things up this was is a rather complicated task for the average user. So, contact me, or my company Detroit DIY Electronics LLC (detroit-electronics.com) and we can answer any of your questions, and assist you with the install process. We have been in business since 2012, and we have a good reputation of providing adorable, yet, quality products and services.

As of yesterday, we are no longer on the internet. Those without a VPN in the United States are on a network which is now managed by large ISP companies, and this network just happens to be connected to the Internet. However, if Comcast, WOW, or even your cell phone provider does not want you visiting a particular website, they now have the legal right to block you from doing so. Right now, thanks to my VPN, my IP is from Toronto, and because Canada just EXPANDED their net neutrality laws, this means that I have access to the "real" internet.

If you have questions about net nutrality, or VPN technology, please call us at 248-560-7207 or send us a text message.


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