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Detroit DIY Electronics LLC was founded on the idea that there are many technologies that can bring great benefit to the world; but at the same time, we understand that not everyone or every company has the technical knowledge needed to implement these technologies into their lives. Therefore, Detroit DIY Electronics works to bridge the gap between our customers and new technologies by applying our technological expertise; particularly using the Raspberry Pi platform. In business since 2012, Detroit DIY Electronics has been selling a wide variety of DIY electronics products and services for the last 4 years. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about any of the items or services that we offer. If you have a question that is urgent, please visit our live support page and if one of our technical support is available, we will be able to chat with you live. If our agents are not available for live chat, please call or send us a text message at 248-560-7207.

Our products are also avaliable to purchase on Amazon via Amazon Prime. Here is a link to our Amazon Store.

We also have an Ebay store. Your can view our items for sale on Ebay clicking here.

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